Global data

Adding global data to be used anywhere in your site

You can set global variables to your site, accessible by all pages, layouts and components. For example:

// Set a variable"myNumber", 23);

// Set a function"randomNumber", function () {
  return Math.random();

Now, this data is available in your pages, layouts and components:

<p>My number: {{ myNumber }}</p>
<p>Random number: {{ randomNumber() }}</p>

Note that page data have priority over global data. If a page has a variable with the same name as a global variable, the page variable will be used. {.tip}

Context data

Use the third argument to assign a data value to only a directory. For example:

// Set the layout value to the directory /pages"layout", "pages.njk", "/pages");

This will assign the data to the /pages directory so only the files in this directory will access to this value. See shared data for more info.

It's also possible to assign a data value to a specific file:

// Set the layout value to a specific file"layout", "pages.njk", "/pages/my-custom-page.njk");