Create your first page

How to build the most simple page in Lume

The page file

After you setup Lume in your project's folder (see installation instructions if you don't have it yet), create the file and add some content in markdown format, for example:

# Welcome to my website

This is my first page using **Lume,** a static site generator for Deno.

I hope you enjoy it.

Build and open the page

Run deno task serve in your terminal. This task does two things:

  • Build your site. The file is compiled and exported as index.html in the folder _site.
  • Starts a local web server, so you can see the generated site in your browser. Open the url http://localhost:3000/ in your browser to see the page.

The web server also includes live-reloading. If you edit the file, the browser is reloaded automatically to see the new changes. {.tip}

Congratulations, you have created your first page with Lume! 🎉