Page data

Assign custom data to the pages

Pages can contain arbitrary data. In Markdown files, the data is defined in the front matter block, a block delimited by two triple-dashed lines containing YAML code. There are other formats that can have front matter or store the data in different ways. Let's see some examples:

title: This is the title
url: custom-url.html

This is the page content

In the examples above, all pages contain two variables: title and url.

In the formats with front matter (like Markdown and Nunjucks), the content is defined below the front matter. Formats that don't use front matter export the content as the content variable or, optionally, as a default export (like in page.tmpl.js).

Standard variables

There are some special variables that Lume understands:


The url variable contains the public URL of the page, useful to create links and configure the output filename. If it doesn't exist, it's generated automatically by lume. See URL docs


If it's not defined, Lume automatically uses the file creation date. This variable can be defined in the filename See Page date or in the front matter. The accepted values are:

  • Any IS0 8601 compatible date, like 2021-01-01, 2021-01-01 03:10:10, 2021-01-01T03:10:10Z, 2021-01-01Y03:10:10-0700, etc.
  • The special value Git Created to get the first time this file was added to the Git history. It uses the creation date as fallback.
  • The special value Git Last Modified to get the last time this file has changed in the Git history. It uses the last modified date as fallback.


The draft variable mark this page as draft, which means it will be exported only in development mode, but not production environment.


To define the layout that is used to render the page. See Layouts for more info.


Tags are used to group pages. See Tags


To override the template engine used to render the page. See Template engine


To customize the order in which the page is rendered. See Render Order


To customize how some data is merged. See Merged Keys docs

url: /welcome.html
date: 2021-01-01
layout: layouts/post.njk
draft: true
tags: post